Advertising Campaigns

An advertising campaign is about far more than simply creating an advertisement. Successful advertising campaigns combine great adverts with a strong strategy to increase brand awareness, communicate with a specific market, increase sales and achieve results. Being well organised from the start can help to ensure that an advertising campaign achieves all this and more. Bo-Dahab TMAS can work with businesses to create strong strategies for advertising that stay on message, get the brand and product seen, and generate leads and sales.

Advertising campaigns begin with setting goals. The obvious goal is to increase sales, but many campaigns have multiple objectives, including acquiring new customers, expanding the customer demographic, reaching new markets, launching new products, and promoting tried and tested products. Once the goals are set, the campaign needs to be launched using the right media for the product to ensure it is seen by members of the target audience.

The team at Bo-Dahab TMAS has the skills to create a targeted advertising campaign that will reach the right people in the right places with a well-designed advertisement. The success of this can then be measured using performance metrics to acquire invaluable data that can be used as the basis of further advertising and marketing strategies.